How can I expose a complaint?
If you need to make a complaint, remember to let us know promptly. You can forward it by writing to the email address servizioclienti@nitrodiviaggi.it




What happens if I have a problem??
We're very sorry that something didn't go your way, but don't worry! To report any type of problem to us, just send an email to our address servizioclienti@nitrodiviaggi.it or contact our Customer Service by telephone.




What happens if the property can't find my reservation?
Cases in which this happens are very rare, but if it does happen, don't worry! Simply contact and inform our Customer Support service who will immediately handle the inconvenience.




Why wasn't the booking reconfirmed?
It may happen that a booking request is not reconfirmed. The causes can be different, from the sudden communication of closure of sales by the supplier to causes of force majeure, it is also possible that a tariff change has occurred.




Why isn't there a solution available that appears online?
The actual availability of the chosen solution is verified and communicated in real time, however the online portal is updated at regular intervals. Therefore, it may appear online for a short amount of time, a solution that is not actually available.