“Nitrodi Viaggi”, whose name is inspired by the "Thermal Spring of the Nitrodi Ninfe" located in Barano d'Ischia, established in 1992 as an individual company by Enzo Cautiero, was born with the aim of making the island of Ischia known and promoted on a tourist level abroad, mainly in German-speaking countries.

Starting from 1993, following the strong demand, after only the first year of life a first rapid phase of growth and development began which translated into a company consolidation obtained essentially through the support of two fundamental guidelines: 1. The start-up of marketing on a national level, initially of the Ischia product for spa and seaside stays and with the subsequent aim of gradually expanding and diversifying the range of products and locations.
2. The continuation of the incoming activity for German and English speaking foreign customers with the progressive intention of penetrating and affirming the presence in other foreign markets. As a consequence of the rapid expansion and increase in turnover volumes, on a national level Nitrodi Viaggi begins to intensify contacts and proceeds with the affirmation of its brand through the definition and stipulation of commercial agreements with an ever-increasing number of travel agencies and with the major Italian networks and agency groups. In the international field, however, it encourages incoming tourism from abroad by establishing new relationships and strengthening relationships with important operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At the same time, with the obtaining of the IATA authorization, the first real phase of strengthening and improving the operational sector begins, both in terms of quality and timing in order to make the holidaymakers' journey easier and more comfortable.


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In 1993 the first catalog aimed at the national market was born, which over the years extended to the other islands of the Gulf and the coasts of the entire Campania, until 2001, the year in which Nitrodi Viaggi decided to further increase its destinations and distribute a second catalog dedicated entirely to the Sicily region and its islands. An expansion that continues over the years with the addition of Calabria and to a small extent Basilicata starting from 2007. To the two summer catalogues, which offer the possibility of every type of stay, from seaside, to spas, to well-being, to beauty, relaxation and culture are also followed by a small winter catalog and excellent success in the conference sector. In 1998, following an acquisition, Nitrodi Viaggi moved its offices to its new and current headquarters. In 2001, the experience gained led to the creation of the EnnEventi brand, with the aim of offering a dynamic structure at the service of incentive houses for the organization of meetings, conferences, reunions and ceremonies in the most fascinating locations in the Mediterranean. Strengthened by decades of activity in the sector, the project makes use of operators with consolidated experience and a pool of professionals attentive to making choices towards the absolute quality of services. In 2002, the acquisition of the Hotel Bellevue, a 3-star hotel located in Ischia Porto, contributed to increasing the diversification work. In 2004 the strengthening of the presence in the richest location of the German mkt was confirmed by the opening of an office based in Munich. In 2005 the presence in the German-speaking market continued with the opening of an office based in Zurich. In 2009, Nitrodi Viaggi decided to satisfy retail requests too, by opening an office entirely dedicated to out-going. Currently Nitrodi Viaggi, divided into various departments, connected and strongly interrelated, has achieved a high degree of sensitivity and attention towards new trends and the evolution of the increasingly complex needs of the holiday and conference market, thanks to the strong points established and strengthened over time.
In addition to the usual success factors such as professionalism, transparency and absolute reliability in satisfying the needs of both individual and group customers, distinctive added values are passion and the wide possibility of choice, a Booking that offers vast availability of allotment for all the locations advertised and an expert, courteous, helpful staff, always attentive to particular needs and immediate in confirmations. A Group Office with excellent organizational capacity, speed in analyzing estimates and strong in customizing needs. An efficient, proactive, prepared and effective Assistance Service in its ability to resolve problems and disseminate information. An evolving and dynamic Sales Office, competent and always attentive and present. In addition to the headquarters, it has a large commercial network of producers, spread throughout the territory and able to provide on-site assistance. Nitrodi Viaggi represents a perfectly integrated reality in the territory and since its birth has always had the full satisfaction of travelers as its fundamental objective, trying to fulfill and personalize the wishes of every single request and to perfectly organize every aspect of the holiday, from hotel accommodation to vehicle rental, from assistance at the airport and at the train station to a tourist guide, from a typical dinner to an excursion and so on. In other words, Nitrodi Viaggi is a company made up of motivated and stimulated people to always do better, dedicating particular attention to finding the best quality/price ratio. It is true that the economic aspect is the aim of our work, but it is above all true that the best satisfaction comes from seeing our customers satisfied.