Can I change my booking?
Changing your booking is possible! If your booking has already been confirmed, you can request a change by writing to booking@nitrodiviaggi.it. However, if the booking has not yet been confirmed, the change can be requested, subject to availability, by contacting our Customer Service. Remember that changes can be requested within 4 working days before the start date of your stay. The terms for requesting a change after confirmation refer to the art. 8 of the General Conditions.




Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, it is possible to cancel an already confirmed reservation. To proceed, you must forward the request via email to booking@nitrodiviaggi.it. Cancellation can be requested according to the Withdrawal terms set out in the art. 14 of the General Conditions.




How to add a service after confirmation?
If you wish to add a service to your booking, you can request it via email by writing to booking@nitrodiviaggi.it. However, remember that the addition is subject to availability and reconfirmation.




What do I doif I forgot to add a partecipant?
If you have forgotten to include a participant, send us an email as soon as possible to booking@nitrodiviaggi.it. We will immediately process the change, which can be made subject to availability.