What are the payments terms?
The expected payment term is as follows:
30% upon booking confirmation and 70% at least 30 days before the departure date;
Reservations made less than 30 days from the start date of the stay must be paid upon confirmation. Reservations made from 0 to 3 working days before the start date of the stay (considering the 5-day working week, Monday-Friday) must be paid for by credit or prepaid card. Some special offers may have different payment terms.



How can I make the payment?
There are several payment methods available: Credit Card and Bank Transfer. The possibilities for choosing payment methods may vary depending on the time between the booking request and the departure date.




How should I communicate the payment?
Once the payment has been made, let us know via email at the following address amministrazione@nitrodiviaggi.it




When do I have to pay?
Payment must be made within the deadlines indicated in the Payment Option email.




Can I pay at the facility?
No, the balance of the stay is always paid in advance. Only on-site costs, if applicable, must be paid at the facility.




Is it possible to postpone the date of the balance?
In compliance with the contractual obligations that oblige us towards our suppliers, it is essential to respect the due date of the balance. However, if necessary, by calling our Customer Support service, you can request an extension of the expiration of the Payment Option, subject to availability.




What happens if I don't pay by the due date?
If unfortunately you have not been able to pay by the due date, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service before proceeding with the payment. According to the general conditions, failure to comply with the deadlines will result in the cancellation of the booking, with the consequent charging of the penalties provided for by the art. 14.




Where can I find the IBAN for payment?
The IBAN and all the relevant information on how to make the payment are available in the confirmation email sent at the time of booking.




What is CRO?
The CRO is the acronym for Operation Reference Code, identifies bank transfers, and is made up of 11 digits




What is TRN?
The TRN stands for Transaction Reference Number, it is a 30-digit alphanumeric code and identifies transfers made in the European Union.




Can I pay in installments?
No, it is not possible at the moment, but we are in the process of implementing this modality.




When and where I receive the refund?
If you are entitled to a refund, you will receive it within 1-15 business days. If you used a credit card when booking, you will receive the credit here. Alternatively, communicate your data necessary to prepare the credit by writing to amministrazione@nitrodiviaggi.it.