When can I have my booking confirmed?
Your booking can be considered confirmed after receiving the booking confirmation email, following our verification of the suitability of your payment communication. If the communication is not suitable, you will be contacted by telephone. For payment methods that require non-immediate crediting times (e.g. bank transfer) you may be contacted by Italiana Vacanze if the crediting is not successful.



When can I confirm by?
Once the response of availability of the chosen solution has been received, the expiry of the Payment Option can vary from a few minutes up to a maximum of 24 hours.



Why can the rate change during the purchase?
The rates present online are limited in availability and subject to communications of promotions from commercial partners.



How is the estimate calculated?
The quote is calculated in real time starting from a basic quota communicated by the commercial partners, to which supplements, reductions, promotions and special discounts are applied.



What happens if I find a lower quote?
If you find lower quotes, send them to us at they will be analyzed based on the Best Available Rate guidelines.



How does Nitrodi Viaggi evaluate the structures?
For us, the selection of structures to offer to our customers is of fundamental importance. The structures in our catalog are in fact evaluated taking into account important standards such as the quality of the services offered on site and the satisfaction of previous travellers.


Who classifies structures?
The hotel classification, according to the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 79 of 23 May 2011, is a regional responsibility and is issued by the competent authorities.



What does Overbooking means
Overbooking means a sale of accommodation beyond actual availability due to system errors or sudden closure of sales by suppliers.



What Upgrade means
Upgrade means the proposal of a better solution than the previous choice.



What does Reprotection means
Reprotection is a practice used to guarantee an alternative solution of equal or superior level to the previous one. This is activated in the event of Overbooking or due to force majeure.